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welcome to nhk world "newsline" on this national holiday. china's foreign ministry says it may allow human rights activist chen guangcheng to leave the country in a possible step towards settling the diplomatic row over the dissident. a foreign ministry spokesperson says if chen wants to leave china and study abroad, he can file an application. >> translator: chen can apply through normal channels to relevant departments, just like other chinese citizens do. >> chen escaped from house
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arrest and sought help at the u.s. embassy in beijing. he was transferred to a hospital on wednesday following negotiations between the chinese and u.s. governments. the u.s. said chen had agreed to move to a safe place of his own choice in china with his family, but the blind activist later said he wanted to go to the united states with his family, forcing the two governments to resume negotiations over his fate. chen earlier asked for a meeting with u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. testifying by telephone before a u.s. congressional commission, he said he no longer feels safe in china and wants to leave for the united states. >> the activist said he wants to meet clinton, who is visiting beijing, to seek further support
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and to thank her face to face. >> your case is the test, the test of the chinese commitment to protect you, which they've given. we're very dubious about those assurances. >> the commission chairman said the u.s. congress will take up the issue adding that the american commitment to the human rights is being put to the test. japan's new fleet of fighter jets is expect to be twice more expensive than initial estimates. the cost is at $10 billion. japan plans to acquire 42 units of the f-35, a jet that has been developed by the united states and other countries. japan earmarked funds to purchase four units this fiscal year on the assumption that each aircraft would cost about $120 million. but the u.s. defense department says in a recent report to
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congress that the price per unit is expected to reach around $240 million. the figures include the replacement of engines and other parts as well as the cost of training pilots. these calculations could affect japan's decision to go ahead with the procurement plan. japan told egypt that it's ready to help promote democracy in the arab nation. foreign minister koichiro gemba met kamal ganzouri in cairo, egypt will have its first presidential election since the collapse of the mubarak administration. gemba said it's important that egypt's historical change leads to peace. he pointed out that stability in egypt is the key to a stable middle east. he added this will also directly affect japan. gemba said japan will make the most of its expertise in experience during reconstruction after world war ii to help support egypt's own efforts. prime minister ganzouri said the
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government's top priority is to restore security. he emphasized that foreign investment is also important for creating jobs. newly released documents show that the late al qaeda leader, osama bin laden, ended his life as a frustrated man who was losing influence within the organization he helped create. the documents were seized from the hideout in pakistan where bin laden was killed by u.s. commandos just over a year ago. the 17 electronic letters and draft letters, totaling 175 pages in arabic, date from september 2006 to april 2011. the documents, along with their english translations, were posted on the website of a research center at the u.s. west point military academy on thursday. in a letter from 2010, bin laden expresses his disdain for al qaeda affiliates, which defied his orders and carried out operations that caused the
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unnecessary deaths of many muslims. bin laden wrat in order to restore al qaeda's trust in the muslim world, he planned to release a statement acknowledging past mistakes and pledging rebirth. bin laden apparently wanted to concentrate al qaeda's attacks on the united states. in one letter, he asks the two teams be created. they would focus on shooting down the aircraft of u.s. president barack obama or general david petraeus, who served as the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. coordinated bomb attacks have killed at least 12 people and injured 90 in the southern russian republic of dagestan. a passenger car exploded thursday night at a security checkpoint in dagestan's main city of makhachkala. 20 minutes later, a mini bus parked nearby was blown up as rescuers arrived at the scene. investigators say nails were apparently mixed with explosives.
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they also found the remains of a man and a woman believed to have carried out the attacks. police suspect that an islamist group acted in the north caucasus region is behind the attacks. as the countdown to the beginning of this summer's london olympics nears, a series of antiterrorism exercises have begun across england. the drills are being held at ten locations and involve some 1,800 people. soldiers showcased two surface-to-air missiles in a residential area near an equestrian event site in east london. many of the olympic events will be held in this area. the missiles will remain there until the middle of next week. soldiers will provide explanations to nearby residents. >> we're successful in what we achieved this weekend. we look at how we might improve it, and then hopefully, and i hope pretty immediately, we face the background and the athletes and everyone coming to enjoy the
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sporting engagement this summer comes to the fore. >> during the olympics, 13,000 military personnel will join more than 20,000 police officers and private security guards in providing security. japanese experts developed a new method to estimate the power of an earthquake by using the global positioning system or gps. the method is expected to accelerate the process to issue tsunami warnings. this image reproduces the movements of the earth's crust triggered by the massive earthquake that hit eastern japan in march 2011. the arrows show the extent and direction of the movements. in this case the crust shifted significantly eastwards. the new system allows researchers to follow crust movements in real time, using data from some 1200 gps observation points around japan. it's expected to shorten the time needed to determine the magnitude of massive earthquakes
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from about one hour to several minutes. officials plan to start using the system this year. data will be shared with the meteorological agency for possible use in tsunami warnings. the social networking giant facebook has finally released details about its estimated value. the internet company says it expects to be worth as much as $96 billion through its upcoming initial public offering of stock. facebook provided the price range for the planned ipo on nasdaq in a document submitted to the u.s. securities and exchange commission thursday. facebook indicated a price range of between $28 and $35 a share. the price range would allow the firm to raise up to $11.8 billion. the company's value would be up to $96 billion, making it the largest ever ipo by an i.t. firm. several u.s. media reported the ipo is scheduled for may 18th. and now here's the weather
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forecast. we'll be back with more news next hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. have a great day, wherever you are.
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